The Baltimore Office of Promotion& The Arts (BOPA) is inviting teen creatives to join the BOPA Youth Arts Council in order for Baltimore’s youth perspective to be heard in arts programming and policy. We are seeking creative young people between the ages of 14 and 19 who have an interest in the arts, writing, event planning, and education policy. An application with more information will be available online in May- Sept for youth applicants interested in being considered for the 2021 – 2022 school year.

BOPA will select a group of dedicated, arts-loving teens from across Baltimore City to serve on our Youth Arts Council. The council will be designed by and for teens to inspire and empower other local youth through arts programming and advocacy. The Youth Arts Council will also learn about education policy in order to advocate for equal access to the arts for all Baltimore City students.

Benefits of being on the BOPA Youth Council:

  • Honoraria/Stipend (teens get paid!)
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Experience alternative methods of making and seeing
  • Organize exhibitions and events
  • Build policy knowledge
  • Engage with artists and arts professionals
  • and more!

Teen Candidate FAQ:

1. Do you have to be an artist to join the youth council?

No, but an artist can be many things—an artist can write, perform, draw, cook, enjoy working with others towards a common goal, etc. These are all activities that BOPA considers art forms.

2. How will this help me with my professional career?

The Youth Arts Council is a great addition to your resume for college or future jobs. It says that you have worked at a major arts organization, have skills in public event planning, understand educational policy, and know how to collaborate with peers to achieve a goal. Working with other teens to problem solve and advocate for arts access helps to build critical thinking skills.

3. How often does the council meet?

The council will be meeting at least twice a month in addition to events listed below.

4. How long can a teen be a member of the youth council?

Teens who choose to can remain members of the Council for a two year term.

5. What will I get to do as a Youth Arts Council Member?

  • Attend a retreat at the end of October to meet with leading arts educators in Baltimore and Maryland.
  • Attend Public Art Commission meetings to learn about public art projects in Baltimore in December.
  • Collaborate with other you councils/advisory board across the city to address issues concerning youth.
  • Learn the ins and outs on event and project creation.
  • Develop materials for personal reel or artistic portfolio.\
  • Behind the scenes view of the inner workings of the Baltimore City Arts Council.
  • Professional development and guidance toward discovering new career paths in the arts.

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts: Arts Council