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The Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts (BOPA) is the Arts Council for the City of Baltimore. A 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, it produces festivals, special events and promotions for Baltimore City, and supports the community through arts and cultural activities, advocacy and support, and develops and administers funds, grant programs and community workshops. Through Creative Baltimore, BOPA grants funds to qualified artists, and arts and cultural organizations based in Baltimore City.

 BOPA strives to make Baltimore a more vibrant and creative city by:

 •Producing high-quality special events, festivals and arts programming that stimulate communities economically, artistically and culturally.
 •Inspiring and promoting literary, performing and visual arts, and artists.
 •Celebrating Baltimore's rich, diverse heritage while enhancing the quality of life and sense of community for all residents.
 •Forging partnerships that make Baltimore a premiere visitor destination.
 •Managing cultural and historic attractions.
 •Generating positive local, national and international publicity about Baltimore.
Creative Baltimore Fund Overview
Creative Baltimore has two primary grant programs:
Mayor’s Individual Artist Project Support (PS) provides project support for arts or cultural programs that promote public access and encourage the breadth of arts and/or cultural programming in our community.

 General Operating Support (GOS) provides core support for established arts or cultural organizations that benefit the public and are artistically or culturally vibrant.
This application is for Individual Artist Project Support.
All BOPA grant programs are adjudicated using independent panels of arts and culture professionals from the region who evaluate and score application. Panelists are appointed through open nominations and serve for specific grant programs and cycles.

BOPA grant programs are administered by professional staff responsible for ensuring an objective, equitable and transparent grantmaking process that meets BOPA’s mission and core values. BOPA staff members provide pertinent and uniform information to the public regarding the grant application process and ensure that program guidelines and requirements are applied consistently.

Ownership of Intellectual Property
BOPA does not own, collect royalties on or hold copyrights to artistic products resulting from its grants, nor will it take any action on behalf of the grantee (cultural partner) to protect the grantee’s intellectual property rights. BOPA does, however, have legal authority to reproduce and use submitted documentation (electronically and in print) of such artistic products for educational, promotional, official or noncommercial purposes.

For additional information on the Mayor’s Individual Artist Project Support FY21 grant application please contact:
Jocquelyn Downs,  Arts Council Director, jdowns@promotionandarts.org, 410-752-8632.

News, updates and technical assistance workshops will be posted on the BOPA website, Facebook page and Twitter feed, and distributed through BOPA’s email distribution list. Interested applicants are encouraged to sign up at www.promotionandarts.org to receive notifications.

Individual Artist Project Support Basics
BackgroundThe purpose of BOPA’s Creative Baltimore Fund Individual Artist Project Support grant program is to promote public access and encourage the breadth of arts and/or cultural programming in our community by supporting Baltimore City-based projects. Projects are intended to promote interest and provide accessibility to arts and culture throughout Baltimore’s diverse neighborhoods. We encourage artists and partner organizations to be inventive, and propose arts and cultural experiences that have lasting community impact. Projects should promote active community participation and a process of discovery in art and culture. The Mayor’s Individual Artist Project Support grant will award up to $5,000 to and individual artist.

Grant applications are adjudicated through a public panel review process. In FY21, the grant period will be July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021.
Grant requests up to and including $5,000 for Individual Artist(s) and partner 501c3 organizations based in Baltimore City.
Application consists of 8 narrative questions, budget and support materials

Individual Artist Project Support Timeline
February 28, 2020 - Application Available
April 26, 2020 - Application Deadline at 11:59 pm EST
May 2020 - Panel Review
June 2020 - Grant Awards Announced
July 1, 2020 - June 30, 2021 - Grant Period; All funded activities must occur during the grant period.  

 Eligibility Criteria - Who May Apply
To be eligible for the FY21 Project Support grant program, applicant individuals and organizations must meet each of the following criteria:

 • Individual and/or groups of practicing professional artists 18 years of age or older organizing projects in Baltimore City with experience or background that demonstrates their ability to administer a community arts project. Employees of BOPA are not eligible.

 •Partner Organizations must be a nonprofit, tax exempt organization with a 501c3 determination letter from the Internal Revenue Service.
 •Have a Certificate of Good Standing certifying that the applicant is a registered nonprofit corporation, in good standing, in the State of Maryland.
 • Have a permanent and viable base of operations in Baltimore City for at least one year prior to the grant application deadline.
 • Have produced or presented arts / cultural program(s) open to the public within the previous two years prior to the grant application deadline.
 • Provide the required financial documentation.
Who May NOT Apply
 The following types of organizations are not eligible to apply to the FY18 Project Support grant program (this list is not meant to be exhaustive): units of government; religious institutions without a separate 501c3 organization that specifically administers non-sectarian public programming; organizations that are not in good standing with BOPA and/or in compliance with previous grants. Additionally, organizations receiving a General Operating Support grant from BOPA are NOT eligible to receive Project Support funding in the same grant cycle.

Funding Restrictions
BOPA funds cannot be used for: religious ceremonies or events advancing or inhibiting a particular religious ideology; fundraising or advocacy of specific political causes or candidates; capital improvements (facilities and equipment); agent’s fees for programs contracted through commercial agencies; and travel outside of the United States.


The following materials are required and should be submitted with the completed application. Fields to upload each document are provided. Please submit your documents in PDF.

Individual Artist Resume
Individual Artist List of Work
Project Budget
Most current audited financial statement for the partner organization, or IRS 990N
Copy of 501 (C) (3) tax exemption determination letter
Copy of Maryland Certificate of Good Standing


We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.