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Business of Arts Professional Development Mini Grant Application

The Business of Arts Networking Series is designed to attract and cultivate emerging creatives in the city. This program provides professional guidance, performance and showcase opportunities for emerging artists in Baltimore City. The quarterly events are comprised of a combination of the following: Networking events, webinars, virtual and in person presentation, performance and showcasing opportunities, and technical support grants ( annually if funding is available). Funding for the BOA Professional Development Mini Grant is supported by The Maryland State Arts Council. 

Due to the financial hardships that many have experienced since the beginning of the pandemic many artists/creatives have had to postpone efforts to help professionalize their craft. The Arts Council of the City of Baltimore is providing professional development mini grants, as a part of the Business of Arts Networking Series, to help artists/creatives pursue their professional endeavors during these challenging financial times. These one-time $300 mini grants are designed to support individual artists/creatives across various disciplines in pursuit of deepening their knowledge and strengthening their professional practice. Applicants must use the funds toward support meaningful short-term professional development opportunities they’ve been unable to pursue due to financial setbacks imposed by the coronavirus pandemic. Grants are awarded on a first come first serve basis.


Applicants must have at least 1 year of paid professional experience in a specified arts related field and be practicing in Baltimore City. Arts and cultural organizations may not apply.

These mini grants are designed to provide support for emerging and mid-career artists to pursue short-term opportunities to upgrade their knowledge and skills. These funds can be used for but are not limited to the following: short courses (non degree), certificate training, virtual conference purchases, purchase of artistic supplies and/or equipment, licensing fees, website maintenance, logo domain purchases, headshots, etc.

Applicants must be a resident of Baltimore City 

  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Proposed professional development opportunities must help advance your artistic profession.


  • School/classroom related activities
  • Scholarships of any kind
  • Regranting in any way


Applications Open    Jan 13th 2021

Applications Close    Jan 31st 2021

Applicants Notified    Feb 19th 2021

Applicants Awarded    March 1st 2021

Final Report Short Survey Due  May 1st 2021  (Grantees will have to submit documented proof of use of funds)


Applicants may only submit one online application. Joint applications will not be accepted.

Completed applications will be reviewed on the dates noted above, and applicants will be notified of the results within a month after the application deadline. Please note that these grants are highly competitive. Meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee you will receive a grant.  Grants will be dispersed on a first come first serve basis. Funds must be used before May 1st 2021. 

For technical support please or to receive a paper applications please contact Devin Shacklett ph: 443-956-2032 or email: devinshacklett@promotionandarts.org.

Paper applications can be mailed to: Jocquelyn Downs at The Baltimore Office of Promotion and The Arts 10 East Baltimore Street, 10th Floor, Baltimore MD 21202.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.