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Baltimore Ravens Mural Project

Art Projects Opportunity:

The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA) in collaboration with the Baltimore Ravens seek Baltimore- based emerging & professional visual artists to produce creative and uplifting and community centered artwork designs that will be translated into decorative exterior wall painted murals for painting on exterior walls to be implemented in the City of Baltimore and replicated digitally for the inside of M&T Bank Stadium.

This commission of requires that sketch, mockup and final design digital image submissions of artwork for print fabrication and electronic distribution are original artworks that meet the design criteria of BOPA and Baltimore Ravens

This Call to Artists opens to applicants on August 27, 2021 

Project Goals:

The purpose of the Art Projects is to improve the appearance of an area, raise the profile and tell the story of Baltimore in the revitalization of the city. The commissioned artwork should include and reflect the following elements/themes:

· Baltimore Ravens and community impact

· Maryland/Baltimore pride and culture

· “Our City. Our Team.”

· The brightness and potential of our hometown

The inclusion of artwork in public places increases quality of life in Baltimore’s dynamic communities celebrates local artists and promotes accessibility to the arts.



· Applicants submit art design concept proposals that meet the design criteria set forth in this RFP.

· Commissioned artists participate in multiple rounds of design development to provide revisions to the project stakeholders before final artwork is approved. Sketch, mockup and final design digital image submissions of art works for fabrication meet the design criteria of Baltimore Ravens.

· Commissioned artists are required to provide the final, approved artwork designs in a digital format that meets the technical specifications of the printer/fabricator selected by Baltimore Ravens. Artwork designs will be digitally reproduced on high durability materials and professionally installed by Baltimore Ravens.

· Commissioned artists design and implement exterior wall painted murals at pre-selected locations sited in Baltimore City (one painted mural per artist).

Call Timeline:

August 27, 2021​ - Call to Artist RFP issued​

September 20, 2021    Deadline for RFP Submissions

Project Timeline:


• Phase I – Call to Artists

September - October

• Phase II – Artist Selection and Commissioning, Art Design Development, Design Revisions and Approval of Finalized Art Design, Delivery of Finalized Digital Art files for Print Fabrication, Procurement

October - November

• Phase III – Project Implementation

Installation of Completed Painted Murals, Site Clean Up, Unveiling Ceremonies


This opportunity is open to emerging and professional artists residing in the City of Baltimore.  Employees of BOPA and Baltimore Ravens are not eligible to apply.


The selected artists will receive a commission of $21,250.00 The funding is inclusive of all artist fees, material supplies costs, equipment rentals, digital file formatting services, installation and site work expenses, and taxes. Artist payments will be administered in phases as deliverables are met.

Application Requirements:

PDF of application must include the following:

· Artist Contact information (Name, Address, Email, Telephone)

· A color image of the proposed artwork with a description of the piece, materials and installation method

· A short description of why the proposed artwork meets the goals of this Call to Art (100 words or less)

· CV or Current Resume, including name, address, phone number, email address and website for all members of the team

· Description of previous mural installations, including color digital images of previous relevant work with annotated image descriptions. JPEG format preferred for previous artwork samples (Please label: Last name, First name, Maximum 5 work Samples)

· All digital works must be in jpg, png or pdf format. Digital work should be sent in a file no less than 300 dpi.

Art Design Guidelines:

· Artists are encouraged to develop designs which have a positive local narrative and strong local connection, raise the profile or tell the story of Baltimore, celebrate community pride and/or feature highlights of iconic or important local Baltimore histories.

· Artists are encouraged to respond to the beauty and greatness of Baltimore, its citizens, neighborhoods, natural settings, landmarks and assets.

· Art designs must be simple, affirming, identifiable, or recognizable forms that generally evoke positivity and universally understood by both youth and adults.

· Artists must avoid using imagery and language which identifies athletes or administrative personnel from the Baltimore Ravens in the artwork design.

· Imagery must avoid violence, criminal or sexual activity, racist or religious symbolism. Imagery of suffering or death should be excluded.

· Imagery may not include trademarked designs

· Artwork designs should reflect the following elements/themes: Baltimore Ravens and community impact, Maryland/Baltimore pride and culture, “Our City. Our Team.”, The brightness and potential of our hometown

· Clear, simple graphic design appropriate for large-scale outdoor use shall be required for all murals and digital art reproductions.

· Artists should consider the limited timeframe and project budget. The artwork must be of a nature that can be displayed by a public entity for the enjoyment of a diverse, family-type audience.

Digital Art Dimensions: 12 x 34

Selection Criteria

Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria:

-Quality of proposal

-Visual and technical sophistication

-Proven experience completing projects on time and on budget

-Experience producing artwork for a highly visible public environment

-Art concept design proposal meets RFP design criteria

Artist Commissioning

Two artist finalists will be commissioned to create finalized digital designs for fabrication and implement a painted exterior wall mural at pre-selected work sites.


All applicants will be notified of the Artist Selection Panels decision by October 15, 2021.  The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts and the Baltimore Ravens NFL reserve the right not to select any of the applicants.

All applications must be received by 5:00 pm, September 20, 2021

Late submissions will not be considered

Mailed submissions:

Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts

10 East Baltimore St, Floor 10

Baltimore, MD 21202

Attn: Christopher Brooks / Ravens Mural Project

We’re here to help!

We are happy to help to answer any questions about the application process.

For any inquires related to the call or artist selection process please contact:

Chris Brooks

Community Art & Special Projects Manager

Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts



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