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The Baltimore Office of Promotion & The Arts (BOPA), on behalf of  the Mayor and the City of Baltimore, is excited to announce the  Creative Baltimore Grant for FY 2023. Through this grant opportunity,  BOPA grants funds to qualified artists and arts and cultural  organizations based in Baltimore City. The Creative Baltimore Fund is a  grant made annually by the City of Baltimore. The annual allocation from  the City’s general fund is administered by the Baltimore City Arts Council.

The Creative Baltimore has two primary grant programs:

  • General Operating Support (GOS)  provides core support for established arts or cultural organizations  that benefit the public and are artistically or culturally vibrant.
  • Mayor’s Individual Artist Award –  Project/ Practice Support (PS) provides support for artists individual  practice or program that promote public access and encourage the breadth  of arts and/or cultural programming in our community. Individual artists are awarded a flat $2,500 award.

Key Dates:

Opens: July 29 2022

Closes: Sept 9  2022

Panel Review: Sept 12- Sept 30 2022

Award Notifications: Oct 3rd 2022

Final Report Oct 15th  2023

Creative Baltimore Fund Info Session

August 16th 2022 @ 3pm via Zoom

Register in advance for this meeting:


This application is for Individual Artist Support.

The purpose of the Creative Baltimore Fund Individual Artist Project Support grant program is to promote public access and encourage the breadth of arts and/or cultural programming in our community by supporting Baltimore City-based projects and/or creative processes. Projects are intended to promote the health and vitality of artist's individual practices and provide accessibility to arts and culture throughout Baltimore’s diverse neighborhoods  Projects should promote active community participation and a process of discovery in art and culture. The Mayor’s Individual Artist Project Support grant will award 10 artists $2,500 grant awards directly to  individual artist.

Eligibility Criteria - Who May Apply

To be eligible for the FY23 Project Support grant program, applicant individuals must meet each of the following criteria:

• Individual and/or groups of practicing professional artists 18 years of age or older organizing projects in Baltimore City with experience or background that demonstrates their ability to administer a community arts project or demonstrate a need to develop or enhance their artistry through a creative process. 

• Have a permanent and viable base of operations in Baltimore City for at least one year prior to the grant application deadline.

• Have produced or presented arts / cultural program(s) open to the public within the previous two years prior to the grant application deadline.

• Provide the required financial documentation.

Who May NOT Apply

The following individuals are not eligible to apply to the FY23 Project Support grant program (this list is not meant to be exhaustive): units of government; religious institutions without a separate 501c3 organization that specifically administers non-sectarian public programming; individuals who are not in good standing with BOPA and/or in compliance with previous grants. Additionally, organizations receiving a General Operating Support grant from BOPA are NOT eligible to receive Project Support funding in the same grant cycle.

Allowable Expenses

  • Studio  or exhibition space rentals;
  • Cost of equipment/materials/supplies;
  • Costs for related vending (marketing collateral, photography of work,etc.)
  • Research/ creative process related work

Unallowable Expenses

  • Partner organizations
  • Funds to support a guest artist in collaboration
  • Rental of a studio, recording, or exhibition space outside of Baltimore City
  • Religious ceremonies or events advancing or inhibiting a particular religious ideology;
  • Fundraising or advocacy of specific political causes or candidates;
  • Capital improvements (facilities and equipment); agent’s fees for programs contracted through commercial agencies; and travel outside of the United States.


The following materials are required and should be submitted with the completed application. Fields to upload each document are provided. Video, Audio and PDF documents are allowable submission formats.

  • Individual Artist Resume
  • Individual Artist List of Work
  • Project/ Practice Budget  
  • Budget Summary


All BOPA grant programs are adjudicated using independent panels of arts and culture professionals from the region who evaluate and score application. Panelists are appointed through open nominations and serve for specific grant programs and cycles.


A panel review team will consider the following factors when scoring applications:

  • Artistic and/or Cultural and Programmatic Merit
  • Accessibility to under-served communities and a wide range of audiences ( if applicable)
  • Programmatic Quality
  • Budget


BOPA grant programs are administered by professional staff responsible for ensuring an objective, equitable and transparent grant-making process that meets BOPA’s mission and core values. BOPA staff members provide pertinent and uniform information to the public regarding the grant application process and ensure that program guidelines and requirements are applied consistently. Employees of BOPA are not eligible to apply for this grant.

Intellectual Property 

BOPA does not own, collect royalties on or hold copyrights to artistic products resulting from its grants, nor will it take any action on behalf of the grantee (cultural partner) to protect the grantee’s intellectual property rights. BOPA does, however, have legal authority to reproduce and use submitted documentation (electronically and in print) of such artistic products for educational, promotional, official or noncommercial purposes.   


For additional information on the Mayor’s Individual Artist Project Support FY23 grant application please contact: Jocquelyn Downs,  Arts Council Director, jdowns@promotionandarts.org, 410-752-8632.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.